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Chapter 16 Networking Types, Devices, and Cabling Reviewing the Basics 1. What type of network topology is used when five switches are used on a small LAN and each switch connects to multiple computers on the LAN? A star bus topology or a hybrid topology 2. Place the following networking technologies in the order of their highest speed, from slowest to fastest: WiMAX, dial-up networking, cable Internet, Fast Ethernet, 3G Dial-up networking, 3G, cable Internet, WiMAX, Fast Ethernet 3. What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL? ADSL uses one upload speed from the consumer to an ISP and a faster download speed. SDSL uses equal bandwidths in both directions. 4. Among satellite, cable Internet, and DSL, which technology experiences…show more content…
Loopback plug 25. Name two places where you might find a keystone RJ45 jack in a building. In a patch panel in the network closet and in a RJ45 wall jack 26. List the number assigned each pair and the color of each pair used in twisted-pair networking cables. Pair 1 is blue; pair 2 is orange; pair 3 is green, and pair 4 is brown. 27. What two standards are used to wire networking cables? T568A and T568B 28. Of the two standards in Question 26, which standard is the most common? Which is required for all U.S. government installations? T568B, T568A 29. Using either of the two wiring standards, what are the colors of the two pairs used to send and/or receive data on a 100BaseT network? Green and orange 30. How many pairs of wires are crossed in a crossover cable that will work on a 100BaseT network? On a 1000BaseT network? Two pair, four pair 31. To prevent crosstalk in a keystone RJ45 jack, what is the minimum length of wire that should be untwisted? ½ inch Thinking Critically 1. Linda has been assigned the job of connecting five computers to a network. The room holding the five computers has three network jacks that connect to a switch in an electrical closet down the hallway. Linda decides to install a second switch in the room. The new switch has four network ports. She uses one port to connect the switch to a wall jack. Now she has five ports available (two wall jacks and three switch ports). While installing and

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