Ch6 and 7

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1. Jamie Dimon’s comment, “I’d rather have first-rate execution and second-rate strategy anytime than brilliant ideas and mediocre management,” is an example of the widespread belief that strategy implementation is more important than strategy formulation. . @ Pages and References: p141 *a. T b. F 2. The comment, “Brilliant strategy; lousy implementation” reflects the fact that strategy formulation and strategy implementation are distinct, separable activities. @ Pages and References: p142 a. T *b. F 3. Operating plans and capital expenditure budgets are the key mechanisms through which strategy drives resource allocation. @ Pages and References: pp146-147 *a. T b. F 4. Firm and markets represent the two primary modes of…show more content…
@ Pages and References: p162 *a. T b. F 21. Adhocracy is a structure where values, motivation, willingness to participate, and mutual respect, allow a high level of coordination without the need for formal control @ Pages and References: p163 *a. T b. F 22. The distinctive feature of project–based organizations is that the operating units—the project teams--are temporary. @ Pages and References: p163 *a. T b. F 1. Competitive advantage is always revealed by a firm earning higher profitability than its rivals. @ Pages and References: p171 a. T *b. F 2. A change in the external environment creates competitive advantage either because some firms by responding more effectively than others to the firm or because the change has differential effects upon competing firms. @ Pages and References: p171 *a. T b. F 3. Strategic innovation comprises the introduction of novel products or processes that embody new technology @ Pages and References: p172 a. T *b. F 4. Gary Hamel argues that management innovations (such as Procter & Gamble’s brand management system or Toyota’s lean production are unlikely to offer sustainable competitive advantage because these innovations are easy to imitate. @ Pages and References: p174 a. T *b. F 5. A “Blue ocean strategy” refers to the creation of entirely new
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