Cha Roy : Ideas On Communism Essay

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MN Roy : Ideas on Communism In early 20th century, the Indian society suffered serious conflict against colonialism. So, there was need for a sustainable political model that would guide the society towards freedom from the colonial rule. Many political thinkers emerged at that time and there were persistent debates between different ideologies and thoughts regarding the same. One such thinker was MN Roy. He strongly believed that any major political change must end with a revolution and a revolution must be backed by some philosophy. He was India’s first communist visionary to make an attempt of applying Marxism in order to interpret the political scenario of that time. Thereafter he founded and became a member of several communist organisations. But later he felt that the idea of attaining freedom through Marxist ideas rejected the basic moral and political value of a citizen. He now believed that the Marxist model of revolution was an outdated one considering the military powers of modern states. According to Roy, the current political model that involved political parties had become opportunistic as the participation of a common citizen had been reduced to mere voting in elections. The idea of introducing a human element and values like rationality, freedom and morality led him to choose radical humanism as a necessity in political theatre. From the above discussion, it is evident that MN Roy had identified the social and political problems in the country to a great

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