Chad Cameroon Petroleum Development And Pipeline Project

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Project: Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project Background:
Chad is a Central African country surrounded by Libya in the north, Sudan in the east and Cameroon in the south. The country is landlocked with very little natural resources. Chad is listed as one of the worlds poorest countries according to United Nations Human Development Index ranking 7th with 80% of its population living below poverty level. The official language is French and most of the population of Chad rely on farming and livestock for survival. Cameroon is a West African Country sounded by Chad in the North, Nigeria in the west, Central African Republic in the East and Gabon, Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea in the South. The country is bilingual (French and English official languages).The country has about 200 ethnic groups and dialects. The country aims at becoming an emerging economy by 2035.A third of the population are living below the poverty line. Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project is located in the Southwestern region of Chad and one of Africa`s largest public and private development projects. It engaged 300 oil wells with project cost of $3.7 billion. Oil extracted is transported by 640 underground pipelines via neighboring Cameroon to offshore loading facilities at Kribi Cameroon. This project started in the year 2000 with oil to flow in the year 2004.This project was owned by Exxon/Mobil 40%, Petronas Malaysia 35% and Chevron 25%.81% of the…
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