Chad Pregracke from CNN and Odysseus are Heroes

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A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, and/or noble qualities. A hero doesn’t have to be a fictional character. Heroes can be found in the real world too. CNN Hero of 2014, Chad Pregracke is known as a hero. This is because he is highly self sacrificing when it comes down to keeping the Earth clean. Odysseus, from the epic poem “The Odyssey”, is known as a hero also. The reasoning behind this is because on his way back home to Ithaca, he overcomes many obstacles and shows many traits while doing this. Chad Pregracke and Odysseus both display a number of heroic qualities.

Chad Pregracke, an average everyday human being, is not so average after all. He is known as a modern day hero. He shows these traits that make up his hero like description through his thoughts, words, and actions. Pregracke, through his thoughts, shows that he is caring for the environment and its condition. "People intentionally dumped (these) in the river and also littered," Pregracke said. "Even 100 miles away, (trash) will find its way into a creek or a storm drain and into, ultimately, the Mississippi River."( Pregracke is heroically caring because he takes in mind what is going on in the world that could be effecting the environment negatively instead of ignoring it like most people do today. He never thinks about how it could just be ignored or moved past but how the garbage being dumped is hurting the environment and that it should not

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