Challenge Facing Implementation Of Knowledge Management System

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Challenge facing implementation of knowledge management system in Healthcare Even with the benefits of knowledge management system, healthcare professionals do not always welcome knowledge from outside sectors. Healthcare professionals are reluctant to adopt outside knowledge because they have a very strong professional tradition within healthcare. Management scholars also acknowledged that healthcare is one of those most complex organizations and every perspective, from administration to politician, needs to be considered for management purpose. Scholars argue that for knowledge resources to apply, the whole service system need to cooperate efficiently among member organizations and to clearly define system communication goals and…show more content…
Organizational culture and structure can create barriers to KM implementation and success. Especially a top down approach, separate departments, lack of ”ask why” thinking, lack of trust, and not being open to sharing knowledge and information such as “lessons learned” can hurt KM efforts. Additionally, Implementing a KM initiative requires a lot of time and money, which might discourage employees from even attempting to develop a KM system. Moreover, presenting an observable (or immediate) benefit (i.e., it may take a long time to really see the positive changes contributed by the KM strategy) can be very difficult, which may mislead others to perceive KM concept as being not valuable or not worth the effort/resources needed. Other serious barriers to the success of KM initiatives include the intangible element associated with knowledge (e.g., “managing stuff in people’s heads”), and the nature of organizational learning. A lack of clarity about the depth of KM processes can also encumber KM initiatives. The complex nature of global healthcare creates further impedance to the implementation of KM system. Thus, development work necessitates various functions working together to a common goal that surpass geographic, sectoral, organizational, and financial boundaries is required during the implementation process. Clinical knowledge management
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