Challenge of Globalization for W. L. Gore & Associate

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Challenge of Globalization W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATE had been expending their business in more than 30 over country; there are Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, Central America, North America and South America, leading manufacturer of thousands of advanced technology products for the electronics, industrial, fabrics and medical markets. With the employees of 9.500 people around the world, managing the people also bring along the trouble as well. With the diversity of culture, people, background, language and norms, challenges and problems occur within the company and beyond the boundaries of the company. This is the major problems that will occur when a company goes global and expanding to the world. This challenge of globalization…show more content…
Image of the company can bring out strongly without harming others. Moreover, these values also can be extended to the partners of Gore such as suppliers and customers to keep people remember about the company. Sources of Problems Nowadays, the rapid movement of technology and information cut down or lessen up the gaps between people around the worlds. Thus, challenge of globalization happen when more and more company willing and dare to expose themselves globally either in business of network. The urge to earn money and to make high return of profit also is the source for W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATE to enter the global market and accepting the challenge of globalization with other competitors. The source for the problem of the virtual teams requires high degree of coordination is the smooth of the communication. Being in a team, we need to communicate between each other and this may be even hard when it’s come to globally. The team need to transfer the information well, lower down the communication gaps, decrease the communication breakdown. These communications also act as the source for the problems of growing need to build strong relationship across geographical boundaries. Most of the company needs to meet up with each person in charge of each continent frequently. In addition, maintain a good relationship and standardization also is the sources for the above problem. With a good relationship, the team can build strong relationship among each
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