Challengees And Challenges Of COCE Environment And Co-Office Environment

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1.2.4. Challenges and difficulties face regarding OFFICE environment and CO-WORKERS/COLLEAGUES

The challenges that I facing with my colleagues is communication. Communication is really important in the office, it can avoid misunderstood and any conflict. The situation such as repeating work or troubleshooting and understanding. Fortunately, all my colleagues are very friendly and nice, they always like to assist or share anything to me. The only difficulty I face regarding the office environment is only the distance between my homes to the office, such as traffic jam, petrol budget and parking area.

1.2.5. Challenges and difficulties faced regarding you SUPERIOR

The challenges I faced regarding my superior is about performance. A
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What did you learn about yourself during this experience?

I learned something about myself during this internship program. One of the most important things that I learned is skill. During internship, the opportunity to get new knowledge is everywhere, which includes knowing how to fulfil task relevant to my desired career path and I can become better by spending time to sharpening and honing my skills during the internship.

During the internship, I have learn to building a good relationship with my supervisor that should be very important because they are the one I’ll be asking to write me a letter of recommendation or to be a reference for future job opportunity. Building a good relationship also included my colleague, it is important to network with them because they’re likely to know about other opportunity in my study’s field. Building up a good relationship is a great opportunity to get improvement or confidence on everywhere.

During the internship, I have learn about getting improvement on everything, especially confidence. A confidence that believe myself and my skill. There is a vital to my success by believing in myself and internship had helped me to gain the experience that could help me feel competent and confident in what I

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