Challenges Affecting The Teenagers

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One of the major challenges affecting the teenagers in our society is the problem of substance abuse, addictions to alcohol and other related drugs as well as gambling. The objective of this study is to educate the teenagers about the dangers associated with such addictions and helping them abstain from such vices. Some of the strategies involved will include offering alternative activities that will less likely get them involved in drug abuse as well as offering help to those with such addictions.
Substance abuse is the use of a drug in which a consumer consumes a drug in amounts harmful to himself or using dangerous methods to himself or others around him to consume the drug. Drug addiction on the other hand is the overdependence and use of a drug regardless of its harmful consequences.
Various attempts have been tried to solve this issues among the teenagers but it has not yet fully been addressed mainly due to the assumption that the society has made that drug abuse can only affect adults and not teenagers since they are young and naïve and cannot engage in such vices. There is also an assumption that money propagates the abuse of drugs and gambling and since teenagers do not have easy access to money, then they are less likely to become victims.
The root causes of this problem among teenagers however include peer pressure from popular students as well as the modelling of parental behavior who tend to abuse drugs. Boredom among themselves can also
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