Challenges And Challenges Of A Transition During Change

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Trying to motivate and inspire people to make change can be difficult. Many people are stuck in their comfort zone and don’t like making change. There are many factors and obstacles that contribute to this issue, but being aware of these issues and knowing how to address them from the beginning will make for a smoother transition. Kotter (2007) explains eight categories that many companies, organizations, or groups fail at when trying to make and implement changes. In order for your transition during change to be the most successful, you must address each step along the way or people will not be on board with you. The eight stages include: establish a sense of urgency, form a powerful guiding coalition, create a vision, communicate the vision, empower others to act on the vision, plan for and create short term wins, consolidate improvements and produce more change, and institutionalize new approaches. If your change is failing, addressing these eight areas will make your plan more successful. Knowing each step will help leaders from making common mistakes, avoiding unnecessary roadblocks along the way (Kotter 2007). The first step that causes many people to fail is not establishing a great sense of urgency. One must show people statistics, the company’s position, or funds, in a dramatic way, in order for people to realize that something must be done quickly. You must motivate them to believe there is a problem and that change is needed. Many people fail in
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