Challenges And Challenges Of Hrd Essay

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CHALLENGES IN HRD The future looks even more exciting and threatening. Organizations are gearing up for the difficult times ahead by tapping all the resources on hand. Organizations realize that their people or employees would be one of the prime resources for establishing a competitive edge in the future. Consequently, organizations would require workable strategies to align the individual talents/strengths of their people towards business goals. This is where Human Resources professionals can play a deciding role. They have to face newer challenges, take up different, unprecedented roles and in the process help the business achieve its goals. • How do we do that? • What challenges are organizations most likely to face in the changed business scenario? • What strategies & structural changes will help organizations respond to these challenges? When Henry Ford proudly looked at the assembly-line winding its way on the shop-floor like a noisy car-vomiting snake, little would he have imagined that, soon this snake is .going to be one of the most endangered species of its kind. The false economies in mass production and in huge inventories have been unceremoniously cast away today in this customer pampering competitive market. Buzzwords like Right-sizing, Downsizing, Rationalization, Golden Hand-shake have been welcomed by businesses while referring to the sheer number of employees. Manufacturing strategies such as “Flexible Manufacturing systems”, “Computer Integrated
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