Challenges And Challenges Of India

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Livelihood is the important concept to understand about the different type of factors which are affecting people 's day to day life particularly those are living in vulnerable condition in our society. For tribal development, improvement of their livelihood practices several Government agencies and NGO 's are working in our country and also in Maharashtra. But today also most of tribal communities in our country live with low income, problem facing in income generation and becoming more vulnerable in terms of socially, economically and politically. The present study aimed at exploring the subject of livelihood opportunities and challenges of Gond tribes in Gondia district of Maharashtra. Furthermore it sought to examine the socio-economic conditions of Gond tribes in same region.
Tribals in India
In the world next to Africa, India has the largest concentration of tribal population. According to 2011 census report total Scheduled Tribes population in India is 8,43,26,240 which accounts for 8.2% of the total country population. According to Kulamani Padhi (2005) the major identified tribes in country number about the 428 scheduled tribes in India but the total number of tribal communities are reported to be 642 and several of them have become extinct or merged with other communities in continuous development process. Thus, if the sub-tribes and state tribes will be taken into consideration, the number will be many more. These 428 communities
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