Challenges And Choices That We Make Us Grow As A Person

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Obstacles in life are really challenges and choices that we make, placed there to help us grow as a person. The obstacles, and how you deal with them, help to mold and shape character, then go on to help others with their obstacles. I have faced some difficult struggles, which have portrayed clearly that although sometimes one may feel alone, Hashem is always with you throughout every obstacle you may tackle. These challenges are what make us stronger in the bitachon and emunah in Hashem. When we attack an obstacle, we’re prepared for other challenges that come our way in the future. This tragic story had recently occurred, when I had found out the devastating news that my great-grandfather had been awfully ill. I rapidly got into an…show more content…
I couldn’t imagine who was on the phone, and then I wish I hadn’t even grasped that telephone wire to pick up. It was my mother, of course I was pleased to hear her on the phone, in fact I was jumping for joy, I haven’t heard her voice in a long period of time, nevertheless, I wasn’t that pleased with the message that she would deliver. My mother had tried to exclaim to me delicately the dreadful news; although in the tone of her voice I can sense the tough time she was having, that my great grandfather had unfortunately passed away. I felt my heart swell with a sea of tears, How can this happen? Why to me? What did I do to deserve this? I believed that my hope had gone to despair, it was like a fragile seed-gone. The hope that I tried constructing had now been demolished in a matter of seconds. I tried to pretend it was okay-but it wasn’t. I tried to conceal my pain-but there was no use. I was as stubborn as a mule; I couldn’t accept the reality that my great grandfather was no longer with us. Many of my friends saw a rapid change in me instantly; my heart was shattered in pieces! I didn’t have the courage to tell them what had occurred to me, but they were very much aware that something was happening without doubt. As the days went on, I really tried to have a good time but I felt that a part of me was incomplete;
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