Challenges And Opportunities For Product Managers

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Never in history has there been more challenges and opportunities for product managers bringing new and innovative products to the marketplace. However, competitive pressures in the form of economic and global shifts have made it more difficult for product managers to respond to increased customer demands and infidelity. Many product managers are asking; Are we building the right products with the right features? Which features or technologies should I invest in or which features should we cease? What should I end of life, and how can I better serve my end-user customers? All of these questions, while not new, are more complicated due to advances in technology, changes in lifestyles, increased trade and tariffs, as well as shifts in…show more content…
Above and beyond technology expertise, product managers must maximize their limited budgets and resources from the start to ensure they have the tools to be successful. Many organizations are turning to design manufacturers like Jabil to enable their business to decrease production costs, increase capacity, and achieve economies of scale they cannot attain themselves. Thereby reducing overall risk and to ensure they can meet agreed-upon NPI (new production introduction) schedules and quality standards. Product managers must do more with less, be more informed about the markets and technology they serve, and most importantly become resourceful with both internal and external resources they engage to bring their products to market. There are many reasons to work with a design manufacturer, and each are definitely not created equally. Below are the top reasons product managers should consider working with a to design manufacturer that has the expertise, scale, and history to ensure success: 1. End-to-end insight into the supply chain One of the key differentiators top design manufacturers leverage is their ability to have visibility and insight into all aspects of the supply chain, especially when manufacturing goes global. This visibility helps companies to understand their products demand, inventories, service parts management, and the products overall viability. Finally, when choosing a design
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