Challenges Associated With Health Care Regulations And The Need For Greater Value

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Emerging Trends With increasing health care regulations and the need for greater value in health care, we are starting to see several new trends in the industry. These trends will require health care organizations to become highly adaptable to the changing environment. Leaders in these organizations will also need to set the example of ethical behavior and also provide motivation so that their staff can be more supportive and better equipped to embrace change. Due to longer life expectancy in today’s society, we have been making the shift from an acute care model to treating an aging population with chronic conditions (Burns, Bradley, & Weiner, 2012, p. 401). Now, more than ever, there is a greater focus on preventative wellness initiatives within organizations. Many employers are implementing wellness tools within their health care plans which may include incentives for the employees to participate. Some wellness programs include having employees obtain biometric screenings or completing health risk assessments. If the employees meet the requirements of the wellness programs, they are usually provided with incentives such as a smaller deductible or a lower cost share for their monthly premiums. With all of the new benefits and provisions under health care reform, consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about their health benefits. In addition, there have been many technological advances in health care through the years, creating a wealth of information

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