Challenges Developing A Big Data Analytic Capability

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CHALLENGES IN EVALUATING BIG DATA University Of Central Missiouri Department of Computer Information Systems Date: 6/ Submitted by: Udayender Reddy SingiReddy 700# 700629634 CHALLENGES IN EVALUATING BIG DATA ABSTRACT This article discusses firms that are at the leading edge of developing a big data analytic capability. Business firms and other types of organizations are feverishly exploring ways of taking advantage of the big data phenomenon. Big data is increasingly the cornerstone on which policy making is based. Firms that are currently enjoying the most success in this area are able to use big data not only to improve their existing businesses but to create new businesses as well. This transformation process results in power shifting to analytic experts and in decisions being made in real time. This set of symposium articles, authors examines the promise and problems of big data from a variety of perspectives. INTRODUCTION Now-a-days the Data usage has increased a lot. Data that the human race has accumulated in the past one decade, far exceeds the data that are available to mankind during the preceding century. They also expect that different stakeholders such as consumers, companies and businesses are likely to exploit the potential of Big Data. Several estimates about the accumulation of data have challenged our earlier imagination. Data scientists are increasingly using data quantities in Peta and Zeta bytes. There is no doubt now that
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