Challenges Do First Year Students Face at University

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Education is the most important aspect of learning for every generation established in every mode. In university there are different field of studies with different years of each program. It is obvious that new students are going to face further challenges in university. In this case, these challenges could be the burden which can pull them out of the school without completing their studies. This essay will discuss these challenges in condition of financial, social, and academic. To begin with, financial problems are a major challenge for university students includes tuition fee, rent expenses, and text books. Tuition fee is the most common challenge for these students. Though, for some they only take one or two units per semester because…show more content…
Firstly, Culture shock is always happened for new students where they left their familiar culture and live in a new environment. In this case, they confused about new things surrounded them. It can take their time to study this new culture and try to accept it but takes some times. It also challenges them to familiarize with university life and lifestyle. Hence, culture shock makes them fear and challenge them to learn to accept this. Secondly is on social problem which concerned on youth life which best described as peer pressure. Peer pressure is a challenge faced by these students. No timetable resulted in mucking around with friends in town and not doing assignment and private study. But in this case, it is the burden because you are leaving your works for social functions and cannot miss the fun. Otherwise adopting others behavior can be also a challenge because unlike before they did not drink alcohol and smoke but now they adopt new life which affects their studies. So, it twitches them down and makes them disturbed throughout their studies. Finally, first-year students are also challenged by means of relationship. Relationship has two parts here includes the married student and the single student. The problem for married students is that they are isolated with their love ones and causes home-sickness at all times. Additionally, single students are also challenged by leaving their parents which also causes home-sickness. But the most important
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