Challenges Faced By Bay High School

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The first part of this report is to go through the information obtained from the stakeholders and determine the internal strengths and weaknesses and external threats and opportunities faced by Bay High School. The SWOT analysis is broken down through divisional categories and sub-categories of positive and negative and internal and external as follows:
Category Positive Negative
Demographic Internal Strengths
- Diverse spectrum of socioeconomic status
- Diverse races and cultures Internal Weaknesses
- Low school pride
- Racial tensions are increasing
- Teachers insensitive to special needs
- School not accommodating to all needs of students External Opportunities
 Small suburban community (better personal investment) External Threats
 Small population of individuals to pay taxes towards the school
Educational Internal Strengths
 Highly trained and experienced teachers
 Gifted Classes
 College Prep Courses Internal Weaknesses
 Low teacher morale
 Low standardized achievement scores
 Lack of advanced placement courses and trade programs
 Increasing dropout rate
 Teachers not using all resources available External Opportunities
 Opportunities for internships and service within the local community
 Opportunities within the near metropolitan area External Threats
 Cannot receive the funding for improvements via taxes
Political Internal Strengths
 None Internal Weaknesses
 Low test scores affect government funding External Opportunities
 With the increasing…
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