Challenges Faced By Childhood And Adulthood

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Today, a developing country like Pakistan encounters numerous challenges of reduced monetary growth, humanitarian catastrophes, both internal and external safety issues, and low social and human growth indicators. The time period between childhood and adulthood is full of ambition and vigor, a time occupied of promise where both men and women are enthusiastic, concerned about safeguarding their future and to play a significant part in the society by contributing to the folks, groups and humanities on the whole. But the youth encounter a lot of challenges and issues when they enter the labour market. These challenges include both the positive and the negative factors that help to prepare the youth for the future and on the other hand deteriorates their future performance and capabilities respectively.
The issues and challenges begin to bother the youth as they enter into the labour market for the first time. This is because employers usually do not trust the new person who has just entered the market despite his/her polished skills and education and as a result these people are employed on temporary contracts rather than on a full time basis. Entry earnings are also kept low to compensate for time consumed on training. Not only this but young people may also be hired on jobs that do not match the standard of their education as employers cannot observe their performance on the job including their efficiency and expertise because of no prior experience. This results in an…
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