Challenges Faced By Computer Network Security

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Abstract- The rapid development in computer network technology leads to the security challenges faced by it at every step of its growth. Three main threats facing computer network security include: hackers, computer virus and denial of service attack. Safety factors of the network are mainly: resources sharing, data communication, computer virus and TCP/IP protocol security flaws. A safety network system should include at least three kinds of measures: legal measures, technical measures and review and management measures. The paper analyzes the main threat facing computer network security, discusses network security technology and advances some effective countermeasures in view of the hidden danger of current common network security.…show more content…
Different users have different understanding towards network security. To general users who may just prefer individual privacy or confidential information to be secure and to be protected from eavesdropping, tampering and forge. But for network providers, they not only care about the network information safety, but also cope up with sudden disasters, such as military strike to network hardware damage. Major threats of computer network 1. Damage the integrity of information: attackers may damage the information integrity in different aspects: changing the order and form of information. Deleting the information and inserting some other content. 2. Pretending: The attacker may pretend to do the following: pretend to be leadership issue orders and read the documents; Pretend to be host deceives legitimate hosts and legitimate users. Pretend to be network control program to show or modify the access to key information, passwords, etc, excessive use of network equipment and resources: take over a legitimate user, cheat the system, take up the resources of the legitimate users. 3. Destroy System Availability: The attacker may damage from the following aspects of network system availability: making a legitimate user not able to have normal access to the network resources; Making a strict time
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