Challenges Faced By Cross Generational Teams

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Due to the growth in the working age population, workplaces today are experiencing an influx of people from four different generations working together. For businesses to compete in today’s global economy, employees must perform at their best. The generation that a person is born within plays a part of their work styles, work values and how they see them self. Though this vast array of talent and differing views has potential for conflict, but organizations that take advantage of the diverse workforce may use it as a source of competitive advantage. This paper identifies, defines, and examines the four generations that currently make up the workplace (Traditionalist, Baby boomers, Genration X and Millennials) and seeks to provide…show more content…
In hospitals, cubicles and cafeterias, executives, managers and employees are struggling to build a bridge across a divide that spans four distinctive generations. (Kogan 2001)
There are four generations in today’s workplace: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers (Gen-X), and Millennials For the first time, these generations are all working hand in hand. Each generation has their own life experiences, different attitudes, desires, goals and motivations. Molding all of these distinctive characteristics into one company goal is an immediate challenge facing managers and business owners, particularly as they must transfer the knowledge from their older employees to the new hires. (Huggins 2008)
The traditionalist generations are individuals who were born between 1922 -1943. They are the oldest of the workers and are sometimes referred to as the silent generation. This group is noted to be slow to embrace new things and is distrustful of any changes. Some characteristics of a traditionalist workplace include strictly obeying rules and regulations as well as maintaining a strong respect for authoritative figures. Traditionalists are hard workers and are loyal to the organization. They believe that duty and responsibility takes greater precedence over personal interest. In a traditionalist workplace, promotion may be based on merit and seniority. (Lenin 2001)
The Baby Boomer generation are individuals who were born between 1944
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