Challenges Faced By Cross Generational Teams

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Due to the growth in the working age population, workplaces today are experiencing an influx of people from four different generations working together. For businesses to compete in today’s global economy, employees must perform at their best. The generation that a person is born within plays a part of their work styles, work values and how they see them self. Though this vast array of talent and differing views has potential for conflict, but organizations that take advantage of the diverse workforce may use it as a source of competitive advantage. This paper identifies, defines, and examines the four generations that currently make up the workplace (Traditionalist, Baby boomers, Genration X and Millennials) and seeks to provide solutions to bridge the generational gaps in an effort to be competitive.
Additionally, this paper will provide strategies to overcome the causes for dissonance in cross generational teams and help in managing them more successfully. If managers leverage values and mutual respect, they can bring together generations of workers with disparate perceptions, worldviews, experiences, and communication styles.

Many years ago, the phrase "generational gap" was primarily used to describe conflicts between children and their parent. However, this phrase now carries a different connotation especially in the workplace, where employees from different generations are finding it challenging to work side by side because their…

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