Challenges Faced By Developing Countries

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The aim of this thesis is to present the findings along with the challenges and the ways to tackle them while implementing Lean and Inventory Control in Mass Customized Environment.
In this ever competing industrial setting of present times, it is hard for the industrial and manufacturing sector of developed economies, to grow and compete with those in the developing economies, which seem to dominate the manufacturing sector, thanks to the various compromises they do and the very mere fact they are ‘developing’ and not ‘developed’. Problems faced by developed economies include High Labor Costs, High Material Costs, High Transportation Costs, High economic and ever changing Environmental Sanctions, fierce competition from Sinking
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The result being – They are still playing Catch up, although they lead in terms of sheer size, Technology and Outreach.
One company which seems to have paid attention to all this and has changed to adapt and as a result has a dominating share in the market they serve is CIMPRESS (Formally known as VISTAPRINT). The company has been in front of its competition because of its ability to change, its focus on Research, its ability to embrace and master technology,

Problem statement
Mass Customization:
One of the early adopters (Realisers) of the shift in the Manufacturing Setting from Mass Production to Mass Customization was the apparel industries. There are several papers that support this fact including the one by Michael T. Fralix, a professor from MC State University who points out the shift in the expectations of the customers and how developed countries (especially the US) is losing to the developing countries when it comes to producing customizable products in a large scale. It is important to note the basic difference in the scenario of manufacturing between developing and developed countries. Most of the developing countries, which were making customizable products were
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