Challenges Faced By Female And Aboriginal Offenders Essay

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There are significant challenges faced by both female, and aboriginal offenders in today’s society. These challenges arise most specifically in the community and prison settings. Aboriginal and female offenders face these challenges in different ways, but at the same time they are unified. The community is directly effected, especially when Aboriginal cases have circle sentencing due to the community involvement, and the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system also poses several concerns. Female offenders on the other hand have a higher risk of having administrative, and mental health issues. This paper will address both factions and their individual problems and the reform that is needed within the criminal justice system.

Aboriginal offenders have a diverse set of challenges they face in their community, and in the prison system. There are many cases in which the community is involved directly with Aboriginal offenders such as circle sentencing. Numerous judges have implemented circle sentencing for criminal cases that comprise of Aboriginal offenders (Jeffries & Stenning, 2014, p. 456). The community influence in circle sentencing is an example of challenges they face when dealing with Aboriginal individuals. Jeffries and Stenning (2014) explain that since there is a community contribution, it would be more widely respected by the community (p. 457). While conducting their research, Jeffries and Stenning (2006) found that Aboriginal
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