Challenges Faced By Global Marketing

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Global marketing is the process of making a product popular internationally, increasing customer needs and satisfying their requirements. Marketing comes in a broad assortment of aspect based on audience, advertisements and promotions in today’s active market place. The way of doing business by using different marketing tools, especially focus on customer demands is also known as marketing. As the world has grown smaller, an increasing number of companies have been trying to reach new markets. Large businesses often have offices in the foreign countries. The main problem is the obstacle to understanding customer behavior. This essay will highlight the difficulties facing companies from legal constraints and the problems that create from inadequate cross cultural strategy. Legal constraints tend to effect on marketing. It will then go to determine the effective solutions for these issues. It is evidently true that there are various problems facing companies that are trying to expand in other countries. The first main problem, large proportion of enterprises will encounter is how to understand customer behavior of a particular country. Different countries customers have different kinds of behavior depends on various factors such as their needs, tastes and preferences, perception and personality, age, social and cultural backgrounds. ‘All marketing decisions are based on assumptions and knowledge of customer behavior’ (Hawkins & Mothers Baugh 2007). As a result, it is
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