Challenges Faced By Indian Students

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Each year distinct numbers of students migrate to United States from all over world for advanced studies. Starting a new phase of life in a new country can present many challenges to many students. This study explores the problems/challenges faced by Indian students in the United states. The number of participation in the study were ten from the two universities located in mid-south region of the United States. Qualitative approach is used to get clear understanding of problems/challenges of Indian students. Data collection in this study was collected through one-to-one interviews. A semi-structured questionnaire was used as a tool. observation method was also used to get more information. The major challenges are language(Ascent) and socio Interaction has been observed.
“With the trend towards internationalization and globalization in the 21st century, more and more people in the global society study abroad. According to the statistics, there are likely to be over one million students and scholars studying abroad in the world at any time within recent decades” - (Graddol, 2006).
According to Open Doors Report 2013, Indians are the second-largest foreign student population in America, in the 2013-2014 academic year.
American education system and its multi-cultural environment is far different from Indian system. Due to differences in education policies, education evaluation system and culture differences between two countries, students from India in American
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