Challenges Faced By Larry Brownlow

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There are several different issues that many businesses encounter on a daily basis in today’s society. The following case study has presented some of those intriguing issues by, using a scenario which involves a new business owner, Larry Brownlow. Larry has strong aspirations of operating a successful and efficient business. However, there are some problems that Larry needs to address and resolve in order to fulfill his business aspirations. The ways to address and resolve Larry’s business problems are to identify the main business problem that Larry is facing, recognize the different alternatives that are available to help alleviate Larry’s problem, pinpoint the best recommendation to solve Larry’s problem, and develop an implementation plan that will properly execute the greatest recommendation to solve Larry’s problem. Larry’s main problem is determining whether or not to invest in distributing the Coors product (Kerin & Peterson, pg. 128). Larry also faces other problems such as questioning the amount of cash flow that he has available and what kind of research Larry should conduct to in order to decipher the viability of a Coors beer business in the Delaware area (Kerin & Peterson, pg. 129). Even though the research element is stressed throughout the case, the core problem still points to the basic foundation of whether or not Larry should invest in the Coors product in general. The reason why this is the central problem

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