Challenges Faced By Leaders Are Made, And Other Who Believe Leaders

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On different schools of thought, there are those who believe leaders are made, and other who believe leaders are born. Whether it is through nature or nurture, a good, and effective leader must evolve in order to be successful in today’s environments and with the challenges present in various organizations. Some organizations are heavily diverse, or deal with new technology. Leaders have to work in a emerging global economy. Knowledge management and organizational structures provide even more challenges for teams and leaders. This paper will look at the challenges faced by leaders in today’s work environments, and how different leadership styles work best in various environmental structures in order to be successful. Challenges to Leadership Today Every work environment provides its own unique set of challenges for today’s leaders. Organizational structures require different kinds of leaders, and leadership can be done with or without direct subordinates. In many cases, especially in a cross-matrix work environment, individuals are asked to lead team where the members do not actually report to the leader, which can provide challenges. When an employee does not feel they are going to be evaluated for their performance on a team, it can be increasingly hard to get them to perform. Other challenges faced by leaders include dealing with virtual teams, globalization, and dealing with more tech savvy individuals. More and more in a global marketplace, with advancing technology,
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