Challenges Faced By Pepsico 's Market Growth And Product Development

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Case Background Globalization comes up with different challenges and opportunities for a company. The development of technology and innovation through new solutions to make life better and easier has several impacts on the growth of business on a global platform. The case study presents different facts related to challenges of growth through innovation for PepsiCo. PepsiCo is a well-recognized beverage brand across the globe. The case study shows the challenges faced by the company due to innovation. Along with that, PepsiCo needs to face the problem of immense competition due to innovation. The paper will focus on identifying the causes of problems and opportunities for the company and developing a proper solution to help PepsiCo grow in the international market. Identification of Problems PepsiCo’s market growth and product development can be termed as the significant challenges to the senior management. By realizing the broader size of the business landscape of the corporation, top-line market growth, and operational consistency have been identified as primary objectives to the management (Gardner & McGowan Jr, 2012). In order to meet the demand of the investors’ expectations, the company has interested in a series of acquisitions and mergers to transform the traditional food and beverages business. By identifying the earnings expectations of the market investors, the company has wanted to exploit diverse marketplace for further business expansion (Moses & Vest, 2010). On

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