Challenges Faced By Poor Communication Between The Client Ana And Her Mother Essay

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The client’s presenting concerns/problems are caused by poor communication between the client Ana and her mother Carmen. Ana states that her mother constantly makes offensive Remarks about her weight. Ana says that such comments cause her to react by saying mean things to her mother Carmen. Ana informs that such antecedents cause her to feel anger, depression, and overeating. The client Ana and Social worker (Yasmin) have mutually agreed to work on the following goals to help Ana manage her coping skills, and reduce her feelings of depression and overeating. Ana and (Yasmin) social worker will meet weekly for twelve weeks to review progress toward goal attainment. Ana has agreed to maintain a goal attainment log so that she can share her progress during our weekly meeting. Goal/Objectives: Identified Problem: Ana feels resentment and anger towards her mother due to constant verbal abuse. Ana will find ways to improve her relationship with her mother. Goal 1: Ana will increase positive communication with her mother to promote a healthy relationship. Objective 1A: Ana will walk away from conflict with her mother to decrease feelings of irritation and anger by 60% in 4 weeks. Objective 1B: Ana will document if the outcome was positive or negative and identify source of the issues weekly in her goal attainment log. Identified Problem: Ana will work on controlling her depression. Goal 2: Ana will find a positive activity to reduce her depression. Objective 2A: Ana will find
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