Challenges Faced By Single Parents

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The Challenges Faced by Single Parents Everyone knows being a parent is hard but is being a single parent harder? When there are two parents in the home, bills are typically paid by two incomes many couples sometimes take this for granted until a parents’ status changes into a single parent household. A single parent home is faced with unimaginable struggles whether it’s financial, finding competent child care, dealing with the child’s behavior or accepting the fact they are alone; ultimately, they could feel unsupported in everyway. These common problems are something single parents struggle with the hardest. Singles parents have a tougher job because of limited resources. Financial challenges surround single parents on every hand. When a single parent is the only bread winner they no doubt struggle economically and many sacrifices have to be made in order to stay afloat. What many families take for granted are luxuries to a struggling custodial parent such as; going to school for a post secondary education or having a car instead of public commuting. According to the Boston Globe, An estimated three out of four custodial mother households in Massachusetts don’t earn enough to makes ends meat. Crittenton Women’s Union reports in its Massachusetts Economic Independence Index states that in Massachusetts, a single parent with two kids needs to earn at least $65,880 a year to pay for housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, and other household expenses such as
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