Challenges Faced By Students Studying At University

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Introduction This essay will mainly discuss and analyse the challenges faced by students studying at university for the first time based on Unit 2 in the course book, Academic Culture written by Clare Nukui. The transition between secondary and higher education can be a time of upheaval (Nukui, 2007). Unit 2 supports different types of problems that are associated with the transition from secondary to tertiary education. To be able to familiarize with academic culture, it is necessary to learn about and understand the customs, requirements and expectations of the college or university (Nukui, 2007). In addition to identifying challenges, the unit also talks about possible solutions to tackle these problems that might benefit university students in the long run. Identifying Challenges In this early stage of higher education, I am faced with numerous challenges. There are two main challenges at university: Academic and Social. Academic challenges include becoming a more independent learner and organising one own’s time (Nukui, 2007). Social challenges on the other hand include making new friends and dealing with culture shock particularly in the case of International students. There are different ways to help me overcome these challenges. First step to take is identifying which challenges are more crucial. In my opinion, however, social challenges are not that big of an issue and therefore, I will focus more on the academic side. After self-evaluation, there are three major
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