Challenges Faced By The Australian Government And Designers

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Australia, like many other countries across the globe, faces challenges presented by existing climate conditions and the future rates of change. Today’s decisions, policies, and developing technologies may alter the ways that climate change will impact the country. As a whole, the Australian government and designers are already beginning to address these issues through the implementation of sustainable building codes and the use of climate responsive design and materials that will adjust as the climate does. While the “smallest of the world’s continents,” Australia is a vast country, the sixth largest in the world, covering over 7.5 million square kilometers. While generally one of the flattest and driest regions, despite being surrounded…show more content…
“The number of extreme fire risk days has grown over the past four decades” as well, more than doubled in some places. Fragile ecosystem conditions are being placed until increased stress with rising temperatures and increased in CO2 levels, most noticeable in the rapid “deterioration” of coral reefs. Additionally, heatwaves are “among the highest-impact climate events in terms of human health,” resulting is as many as “374 more deaths than average” in Victoria “during the heatwave of early 2009” alone (Australian Academy of Science). As such, these changes are becoming an issue that Australia is not simply able to ignore. With these problems only continuing to get worse, the nation is being forced to look at means of further adaptation, and sustainability issues are being considered for stricter regulation, or else it will see potentially disastrous decline of its economy, infrastructure, environment, and overall livability. On a more general level, certain building codes and standards must undergo changes and be able to adapt “in anticipation of changes to weather patterns wrought by global warming.” However, certain building standards seem to be slow to change, with the National Construction Code, or NCC, “loosening… requirements with respect to energy performance” and “not yet [containing
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