Challenges Faced By The County 's Healthcare Delivery

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Summary This case study focuses on the challenges faced when providing healthcare in Ashe County, a rural area located in North Carolina. The county has a history of economic difficulty and after the recession of 2008 and the departure of several manufacturing plants, the economic situation has continued to decline. This has led to a shift in demographics leaving Ashe County with a proportion of children and elderly that is higher than the national average. These two groups are the least likely to be able to fund their health care expenses. This consideration, coupled with the low economic prospects for working aged adults has led Ashe County to become very dependent on charity care and government subsidies for healthcare. As the reimbursements from Medicare/Medicaid are very low, physicians and other providers who have practiced in that area, have not been able to reach financial prosperity causing a shortage of healthcare professionals. External Analysis The case study clearly outlines the external environmental factors (analysis) that are having a negative impact on Ashe County’s healthcare delivery. The factors outlined by the case study include: the aging and indigent population, the economic depression of the area, the inability to provide or access comprehensive health care, and the challenges of high costs faced by providers and customers. Although healthcare is not a manufactured commodity such as an item that can be bought at a store, due to the lack of financial
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