Challenges Faced By The Multinational Organizations

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Due to the rapid development of economics and also increase in the globalisation the multinational firms are becoming more prevalent. The challenges that the present managers of these multinational firms are facing are due to intercultural communication. Many researchers say that the differences in the culture eventually influence the communication, performance and management of the organization. Organizations that are planning to expand their business in the international countries have to face various cross-cultural challenges. This post is based on this concept of cultural challenges faced by the multinational organization while doing business in the international market. To discuss the challenges, the report selects the developing country-China and highlights the challenges that the multinational organizations can face if they are thinking of expanding in China.
Multinational organizations as per the comparison predominance which distinctive host nation in the skilled, strength of technical skills and in the infrastructure of scientific research, arranges the scientific research association in worldwide, it elevate different nations to exchange and collaborate in high-tech area (Sun, 2010). In the mean time the Multinational enterprise conformity or strategy of investment to China, contributed to the market of China hugely, its business method and organisational structure displayed the new tendency - strategic alliances…
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