Challenges Faced By The Nonprofit Sector

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One of the most significant challenges faced by the nonprofit sector are building and sustaining diverse organizations. The nonprofit sector’s collective ability to attract, keep, and advance black people are determined by the caliber of talent and directly impacts their ability to be effective in their initial organizational missions. It’s time for CEOs and boards to exercise leadership by translating good intentions into concrete solutions. Good intentions can only take a company so far, in order for the organization to be true in its inclusion of black people they need to set in motion a plan that in some part was developed by black employees. Addressing diversity and inclusion cannot be an action that depends on an entirely recover economy, or until any other aspect that is usually prioritized above an organization developing a more diverse and inclusive staff. Frankly waiting for circumstance to be ideal will only prolong this process and continuation of a lack of diversity and a contradiction to the mission of the organization. Producing a diverse and inclusive environment cannot be a sole function of the human resource department. Personal commitment by the executive board followed by action—particularly from the highest leadership level and down — this process will give jobs to black people in all different levels of the organizations. We cannot afford dealing with the diversity objective as an idea that will happen in time or gradually. Besides, time is running
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