Challenges Faced By The United States

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Innovation has been a topic that has dominated the main conversation across many organizations. How can governments reshape their role and redesign the existing systems they have and renew the benefits from the creation and development of individual processes. The recession of 2008 has created opportunities and has demanded things be done differently. Gone are the times when problems are solved with endless resources and labor to work their way to a solution. The energy has been refocused to determine the best solution to the different array of issues facing any organization. The national debate has begun to reveal strategies that have reiterations of the most prominent theories and suggestions related to problem solving and a devotion to avoiding crisis. Municipality’s revenues have diminished, leadership and experienced workers have retired, and the push to change and progress is paramount, while assets and resources have been cut or are nonexistent. The key phrase of “doing more with less” has been engrained in every employee in the public sector who was fortunate enough to of avoiding the painful reduction in force policies that have contributed to the demise of the communities. These organizations have been cut deep and are left with employees that faced lost wages, decreasing financial securities and trust that represents the culture and values of these organizations. The changes necessary to reverse the demise of these organization demands collaboration and a change
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