Challenges Faced In Catching Kayla By Patricia Buckley

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“Someone once asked me how I hold my head high after all i've been through I said, it's because no matter what, I am a survivor. Not a victim” a quote by Patricia Buckley. Many hurdles can come at someone in today's world, many of these challenges can be frustrating. A true survivor is extremely motivated, towards anything that comes at them. To be able to survive, one must be able to work hard to shut down their fears. What is fear? Fear is that pit in the back of your stomach, your anticipation to do something, overwhelming yourself for no reason or a nightmare you might have. Most of the time people blame their fear on other people. This is inaccurate; a person only controls there own fears. A person's brain can …show more content…

Generally many people quit a task, they quit because it gets to unbearable to handle. They can also talk themselves out of a opportunity that could change their life. A true survivor does not let this happen to them, they would say very motivated throughout the process. In the article Catching Kayla, Kayla Montgomery, 18 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Kayla did not let the disease change her life, so she decided to start running. “When she was diagnosed, she said to me, ‘Coach, I don’t know how much time I have left, so I want to run fast — don’t hold back,’ ” said Patrick Cromwell, Montgomery’s”. Like Kayla, a true survivor stands up and changes something, because they do not let bad news get in there way of succeeding. To succeed one who is optimistic if thriving must, not let anything get in there way of their dreams, goals or aspirations. Another great example of self motivation is Eric Thomas, a motivational speaker. In the video Nothing to Something, Eric say “I just rember me me saying like, you are homeless now but this is not the rest of your life man. Regardless you played the role of getting yourself here, now you got to get yourself out.” Eric is a true example of a survivor, is motivated to get himself out. One must be willing to stay driven and change there whole life around in order to

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