Challenges Faced With Educating Students With Numeracy Difficulties

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Numeracy Essay
What do teachers need to understand, know, and be able to do in order to effectively teach students with numeracy difficulties?
This essay will explore 3 question posed by many professionals when faced with educating students with numeracy difficulties. What do I, as a teacher need to understand, know and able to do to successfully teach my students? This will be answered through extensive research based evidence and academic enquiry looking into guidelines set out by best practice.
As educators of students with a wide range of abilities, teachers realize the enormity of their role, to cater for, instruct and guide all students within the classroom. While there will always be students who need remediation and specialized learning programs specific to their particular situation. What research has highlighted, is that there many effective teaching principles, methods, and practice that can be applied to support and teach students with numeracy difficulties
Teachers need to know a lot, a good starting point is to know their students and identify what they know, what they don’t, and where do we go from here, a progressive model that builds on the student’s strengths. Supported by the teachers sound pedagogical knowledge of learning trajectories that can identify and rectify typical misunderstandings and common errors, and an extensive comprehension of curriculum content.
Teachers need to be able to understand student’s numeracy difficulties are…
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