Challenges Faced by Hr Management When Significant Staff Cutbacks Occur and How They Should Be Addressed

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Challenges faced by HR management when significant staff cutbacks occur and how they should be addressed

Downsizing is never easy on the Human Resource department. In fact, if not handled properly, it could be detrimental to the overall organization. Here are some challenges that come along with downsizing: Addressing the shifting morale and needs of the surviving employees, maintaining the productivity and profitability of the organization, and retaining skilled, and qualified employees. Staff cutbacks can leave the surviving employees feeling demoralized, bitter, angry, and in shock. One role of Human Resource Management is to act as an employee advocate. In a time of workforce reduction, communicating with employees as well
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Employee retention efforts may include, constantly communicating with employees, and paying attention to surviving employees. As an example of a strategic Human Resource plan to hold on to skilled employees, an alternative work arrangement such as telecommuting might be offered to a worker. The functionality of Human Resources is always changing to meet the ever evolving needs of an organization. For example, when Xerox decided to downsize, the function of Human Resources became environmental scanning strategic planning. The restructuring goal however, included more than just a reduction in force. It was determined that the Human Resource entity needed to be streamlined and become a more efficient part of the organization. As a result, the use of technology, and maintaining employee retention was the core that developed HR into a more strategic part of the Xerox organization. There are two purposes that HR technology serves in an organization. The first is to improve the efficiency of employee data and HR activities collection. At Xerox, the use of HR technology has been instrumental in making HR services more accessible to their workforce. The second purpose of HR technology is to capture a greater degree of informational data that enables HR planning and managerial decision making. Again, Xerox made use of this aspect by supplying intranet employee surveys and tracking employee views on the company and HR. The
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