Challenges Faced by students

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Challenges Faced by students Do we really live in a global village? Do we do enough to make our fellow those around us feel part of the collective community? Globalization has ensured that the people of the world are brought much closer to one another this has been influenced by various advances man has made over time some of the most significant enabling factors of globalization are Transport and economic systems which have become very integrated that moving from one part of the world to the other takes only hours, this is how various ideal situations such as international study have been facilitated, student come from far off countries to pursue their higher education in countries such as America which has been a favorite…show more content…
However, most people in host county say that their way is only right way which can be annoying and even when they do try to find out the cultures of foreigners they lose interest or forget very fast another person’s from other country’s culture, from a study at the University of Toledo many student complain of lack
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