Challenges Faced while Marketing The Fashion Channel

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The Fashion Channel (TFC) has the second largest female viewership and the second largest viewers in the 18-34 age-groups among the competitors. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has an average rating of 1.0. The national consumer survey was carried out to judge cable subscribers about their attitudes towards fashion and TFC. The results indicated that most people agreed that it was important for them to remain updated about fashion, and that they rely on television reports on fashion to plan what to wear and are willing to subscribe to these channels. Moreover, most of them agreed that watching fashion programs on television has a lot of entertainment value for them. The biggest challenge faced by the marketing head while marketing TFC to a wider audience is dealing with the 'product' itself, such as its price, promotion and its placement. It has to be kept in mind that the product being produced or the service that would come in the market is right for the market that is being targeted. One product or service will not be fully accepted by the global markets (Sethumadhavan, 2007). TFC is facing a similar issue; it is focusing on a very large consumer base with a standard product. For this reason it is falling behind of CNN and Lifetime in viewership ratings. To rectify the situation the later passages will contain for propositions for market segmentation. Niche marketing and segmentation have a vital role to play in an effective marketing strategy. Targeting a

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