Challenges Facing Current Pool Of Engineers

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The trends witnessed in demographics, increasing digital networking; the economic structural change and globalization are hardly the only challenges facing current pool of engineers. The challenges are spread across the continent affecting lives of companies, institutions and the advancement of society. It is evident that the rate of new technologies in the market superseded the solutions that have been established and implemented. In respect, early identification and definition of the strengths and opportunities including the analysis of the weaknesses amidst the strengths is an approach that will enable engineering manager to stand a better chance to avert looming issues. Amidst all the challenges, engineering the management process is the solution that will offer long lasting, reliable solutions.
The current drivers for change are the new technologies, social demands and economic trends, which influence innovation and progress. The engineering fraternity should articulate the state of the company operations and anticipate future solutions. The practices to be undertaken by engineers involve coming up with benchmarking practices, ensure a diverse workforce and a motivated team. In addition, the focus should be to come up with new generation products and services for the market, which are defined by better solutions, cheaper prices and faster time to market. Moreover, attention ought to be web-based tools in relation to the designing of production, managing projects and…
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