Challenges Facing Electronic Medical Records Essay

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Usability challenges faced during implementation and factors that cause challenges. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), implementation has several challenges despite its benefits Some of the challenges occur with the usability, technical ability of the staff, privacy issues, the cost of buying the EMR software and the people who are going to be using the EMR. It is important to address these challenges in the planning stages of implementation because this will create a better outcome. The challenge differs based on the facility and the clinician. In order to implement the EMR system, the administrator assesses the staff’s knowledge about computer, if the facility has high-speed internet access, and also the financial viability and practice priorities. It is also important for administrator ensures the EMR system being considered is user-friendly and easy to navigate by a variety of persons in the clinical practices. Multiple screens, confusing navigation systems with a lot of different options can creates frustration for the user. The use of extra time to teach the staff on how to use the new EHR program may affect the productivity and increase cost to the facility. Computer literacy affects the usability of EMR implementation as it poses a challenge to the Older staff who prefer to use paper records because they do not want to learn new technology. Resistance from the staff with EMR usability is a challenge. Making sure the doctors and other clinicians enter the data into

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