Challenges Facing International Hr

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60 HR Predictions for 2008 By Floyd Kemske The top 10 predictions in Workplace Flexibility, Global Business, Work and Society, Workforce Development, Definition of Jobs, and Strategic Role of HR. Workplace Flexibility Collaborative cultures will be the workplace model. Creative employment contracts will support more time off, flexibility in hours and work location, technological job aids and more pay at risk with significant upside potential. Company intranets will become a major tool for communication, training and benefits administration; HR will play a leading role in developing this important tool. Intelligence through knowledge transfer capability will separate the best employees from the rest. Employees…show more content…
Those people who refuse or are unable to adapt to new technologies will find they’re working harder and accomplishing less. Workforce Development Lifelong learning will be a requirement. The focus of training/learning activities will be on performance improvement and not just on skill building. Employees with varied skills and competencies will be valued more highly than those with a depth of expertise in a single area. Problem solving and decision making will become a required curriculum with practical work problems as the training medium. Training will be delivered "just in time," wherever people need it, using a variety of technologies. Companies will demand constant personal growth, and employees will respond positively to higher expectations. It will not be possible to survive in the workplace without basic computer skills. People who can learn new skills/competencies quickly will be highly valued in a faster changing world. Team projects and special assignments will be a major factor in personal development. As the computer-savvy generation is more assimilated into the workforce, employees will become much more productive in complex tasks and less dependent on other people and departments. Definition of Jobs Organizations won’t pay for the value of the job but for the value of the person.
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