Challenges Facing Projecting Demand : Meeting Customer Needs

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1.Detail and discuss alt the challenges you faced in projecting demand: meeting customer needs and wants, pricing, competitive actions and competitive response. How did your decisions impact your end performance (market share, income statement)? In projecting demand, we face many problems along the way because is not easy to please every type of customer in the market world. First of all, gauging new item presentations is turning out to be progressively critical as item life-cycle abbreviates and collection turnover increments. It represents a specific test in claim to fame retail divisions, for example, gadgets, design, books and cultivating, where new item presentations and intensely invigorated occasional combinations represent the…show more content…
We knew that while making our product we had to keep in mind that different type of customers wanted different things all depending on how much they were willing to spend on the product. For example, Our Workhorse demanded more Easy to use, Low price, has a distinct look, able to store a lot of data, After-sale service and support, can link with other computers, Fast and powerful. They needed something reliable and less expensive since they are the hardworking people that don not have too much money to spend The chart here explains a little better on the Workhorse needs and want. The price that the workhorse was willing to pay for the product was 2,500. The people that fall on the Mercedes on the other hand wanted something much better than the workhorse and the traveler since they have the money to spend and they wanted better quality. They wanted something fast and powerful, can efficiently do complex tasks, can link with other computers, after-sale service and support, easy on eyes, larger display area, has a distinct look, able to store a lot of data and easy to use. This was the top 8 thing they demanded out of the product. The price that the customer in the Mercedes category were willing to pay was 4,000.

Lastly we had the traveler who wanted something more portable because they are always on the go. The top eight for
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