Challenges Facing The Current Position Of The Business

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According to Harley Davison case study on his business firm, a few issues have been addressed facing the challenges of the business and also the environment situation of the current position of the business. According to this case study three major strategic issues are to be addressed. To obtain these three major issues a few key strategic issues have to be looked at. This include, considering the interaction among the economic, political, sociocultural and technological sectors of the business environment that identify the opportunities and address the issue of threat to the business. The current strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threat have to be looked at. Looking at the case study appraise the effect of the size,…show more content…
In this case study there is three main issues that have risen up as the key issues challenging the performance of this business, the key factor being that the firm’s product are viewed as leisure items and the other two issues being that the product price is changing with, managing the firm target has become very challenging. Due to this a few key issues, when the economic expectations fall below the expectation of the consumers the business tend to face challenges in thriving so as to achieve its target. Challenges of identifying the target market have augmented up as one of the difficulty issues to handle. Initially the firm’s target has been males between the ages of 29 and 55 years. This has also mapped up to be very difficult something that have forced Harley Davidson come up with ways of convincing more younger riders so as to expand the sales made by the business. The changing demand and cost drivers for the motorcycle market is also a cropping issue. Other upcoming competitors have made their products more affordable by lowering their prices and coming up with new motorcycle models to make them more essential and available with affordable prices. This has therefore brought much pressure on the Harley Davidson business markets and has therefore forced the firm to respond, where in this case he has a substantial territory to defend. However this firm has two
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