Challenges Facing The Health Care Industry

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The purpose of this research is to explore the top challenges facing the health care industry. These challenges were examined to identify the impact that the patient, their families, and providers are faced with under the new ACA reform. This research briefly analyze the causes of health care cost increased, the shortage of healthcare workforce related to demographic changes of aging population and professional providers responsibilities to practice within the code of ethics. A solution is recommended to each challenge in healthcare with suggestion of more research needed to improve quality care performance, avoid workers shortage crisis and strategy to decrease health care expenses. Keywords: quality care, ethics, demographic, health reform, aging Future challenges in health care Introduction One of the most debated topics of the future nursing challenge is the new reform ACA (Affordable Care Act) as the US healthcare debt climbing in numbers. In a recent publication on “Medical Economics” of June 2014, author Donna Marbury describes in the article that the rise of US healthcare cost is a mix contribution of hospital consolidations, physicians practice reform, research drugs, technology costs, aging population and expenses required to provide health care training. As the ACA reform implementation enforces a new health care policy, the public has a mix opinion about the health care professional moral responsibilities and the
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