Challenges Facing The Telecare Team And The Individualized Field Team

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There is an interest in the benefits of telecare health care services, especially among patients who require hospice care. It is projected the number of elderly and terminally ill patient will continue to increase in the near future. Telecare is not a new phenomenon in the health care industry, it has evolved into an important aspect of health care and hospice. Thus, some of the important challenges facing the telecare team and the individualized field team included: inadequate knowledge on evidence based practices, lack of professionalism, and poor teamwork. The purpose of this essay is to assess three challenges faced in Telecare and apply my professional growth as it relates to these challenges. As I relate my co-op experience to the RN-BSN program I have noticed significant changes in my behavior and skills after the program. I have enhanced my knowledge on evidence based practices, I conduct myself in a more professional manner, and I have expanded my interpersonal skills to effectively work with interdisciplinary teams. Evidence based practice in telecare The goal was to assess and educate the telecare nurses on evidence based practices (EBP) and how they benefit hospice patients. This included evidence on how information was assessed, measured, and implemented. I conducted an email survey over a period of one week to assess the telecare nurses knowledge of EBP nursing. Ten out of 14 nurses responded to the email by the second week. During the assessment, it was

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