Challenges Facing Workforce Planning And The Demand For The Services / Product

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1. Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is forecasting the need for the workforce (if there will be more or less workers than needed) and aligning that with the business strategy.

The first step to take that would make sense would be to determine what the business strategy is for the time being. Next, analyse the market that the business is in and the demand for the services/product. Afterwards, it would be best to use this information to determine what the workforce needs are in reference to production, the needs of each department, time of year (especially for seasonal demand spikes or declines), and contingent vs. permanent employees. Management would then have to set workplace objectives based on the needed
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Therefore, the manager may want to develop a competency model that help her during the hiring process. The supervisor may want to use certain outside sources such as the Occupational Informational Network (O*NET).

In addition, the supervisor may need more concrete information besides what O*NET database can provide. Therefore, the manager may want to conduct a Behavioural Event Interview. The organization may want to consult with other organizations who have individuals in similar roles who are performing well. Then, narrow down the amount of people needed to interview. Once the supervisor has gathered information from the interviews, she may have a better understanding of what knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience level to look for when hiring candidates.

3. Recruiting

Recruiting is the process in which an organization purposefully identifies and draws potential job candidates who may or may not be qualified with the hope that qualified job candidates will apply and accept the positions offered.

Recruiting the right candidates for position can certainly be one of the biggest HR challenges that any organization can face. This can be especially true when business needs are rapidly growing or in high turnover industries. I have recently worked in a recruiting role and have witnessed the difficulty that turnover can cause when recruiting and retaining employees.
For example, in the
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