Challenges Facing the Criminal Justice System: An Analysis

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Running Head: STUBBORN AND FAR-REACHING Challenges Facing the Criminal Justice System Domestic Violence Analysis This is a gender-related and chronic practice whereby a man could batter, abuse and mistreat his wife or intimate partner as a normal part of marriage or intimate relationship (Erez, 2002). Women who married or entered an intimate relationship were to expect and accept or tolerate it as part of the deal. The monogamous relationship was meant to protect women from getting violated by men other than their spouses. It was also to assure their identity rights as fathers. This resulted in women becoming legally dependent, socially and economically. The wife's sole purpose was to serve her husband's needs, bear his children and maintain his household. In medieval times, the husband possessed the total right to the physical chastisement of the members of his household. Aggression, including murder of the wife or serf, was legally allowed for disciplinary purposes. A husband could kill his wife for merely talking back, nagging or miscarrying his children (Erez). Impact This complete subjugation of the wife to her husband's authority was formally contained in the marriage contract (Erez, 2002). Not only did she become wholly dependent on him. She also could not own or manage property, enter into contracts or sue by herself. This total dependency was justified by the State because of its interest in protecting and keeping the family intact. It was also the basis
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